The changing colours of the cerrado

1 November, 2012

At the start of the wet season the cerrado undergoes a great change. The flowers bloom and the vast landscape becomes a sea of colour.

Dry season in Serra da Capivara

When we arrived the landscape was dry as a bone and most of the plant life looked dead, the leaves—if there were any—were orange and dessicated. This formed amazing tunnels along the paths that glowed when the sun hit them at the end of the day.


We had arrived just before the rains and hoped to catch the emergence of the fresh green leaves and flowering shrubs and trees. We set up long lapse times with a careful marking system for the tripods and time lapse slider because unfortunately we couldn’t leave the cameras there—the rains are very strong when they do come. This meant we had to carefully plan ahead to capture the most spectacular changes, include the close-up budding of the trees, and repeat the shots every few days.


The lapse times when completed looked incredible and really showed the amazing change the whole landscape undergoes in a short period at the beginning of the wet season.

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